Based on the information collected we design a machine. Customers views and points would be incorporated before finalising. Machine will be tested on a mock-up and ensured to full satisfaction.​ The machine will be commissioned at customer place, demonstrated and proper training will be provided to customers engineers. 
By applying the skills learned over a number of years, and continuously developing equipment for the tasks required, We lead the development of proto-type machines and techniques for the accurate machining of plant and equipment at site.

TECHNO NEXUS was founded in the year 2008 by a Technically Qualified (Over 25 Years of Experience with Masters in Engineering) from India. We are capable of designing and building portable machine tools. Our machine Tools are manufactured under the brand name of “Roar” ® for Insitu machining applications.  
We also design Proto-Type machine tools for a specific application. 
We visit customer location to understand the full aspect of the project, discuss your requirements, thoughts and ideas, and develop the best solution for you.​ Our engineers assist a customer in developing justifications, documentation, and quotations.